Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Why you two bit, tinhorn fool!

Boy, I will pistol whip you about the ears and face if you mean to tell me that just because you won against that pathetic, ramshackle, arcade toy, quickdraw booth at Six Flags Magic Mountain, you think you're in my class.

Boy, I am Latigo Flint. I am the fastest gun this world has ever known.

You aren't allowed to email me anymore you two bit tinhorn fool. But before you go, I'll tell you this much, I've seen that metal cowboy, quickdraw kiosk at Magic Mountain that you speak of. And let me tell you what, I done made a puppet cry, I drew against it so fast. Why, I beat a puppet so bad that 3000 miles away in Orlando, FL the Country Bears just up and quit, laid their fiddles on the ground and couldn't jamboree no more.


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At 3:11 AM, Blogger tangled said...

So I came back here to re-read things like I said I would. the first post I grinned like a fool at, I decided to comment on.

So look who'd commented here before? Me, that's who.


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