Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Lonesome Rodeo

Read and be redeemed, for the Lonesome Rodeo is all about redemption.
(Oh yeah, and also exposing yourself to cute single mothers, but mostly it's about redemption.)

From the archives - November 28, 2005:

The Lonesome Rodeo

Heaven would be a pretty lonesome place to hold a rodeo because horses--no matter what gentle lies are told to sobbing young girls--don't get to go to heaven.

However, short of heaven's hypothetical rodeo, the next most lonesome one would have to have been the one thrown last Sunday by Latigo Flint and his relatively trusty sidekick, Kid Relish... in front of the local supermarket... next to the coin-operated stallion.

There weren't any barrel races at our rodeo and no calves were roped. Not a single bull was rode and nary a steer was thrown.

No, our rodeo consisted of exactly one event: Lounging against the coin-operated stallion in front of the local supermarket, drinking heavily and exposing ourselves to every cute single mother who happened to venture too close. If she stared for eight seconds, then the "ride" counted. Point deductions were incurred if her children happened to see, 'cause even drunk, you know that's just wrong.

We were well into our rodeo when we suddenly realized we didn't have rodeo-appropriate names. Latigo Flint and Kid Relish are splendid gunslinger names to be sure, but rodeo is a whole 'nother game.

"Buck!!!" Kid bellowed. "Buck is a great rodeo name, what with the awesome double meaning and all."

He was absolutely right. I had to concur.
"Very well Kid, Buck it is--and your last name?"

He thought about it for a while, pausing only to expose himself to a cute single mother who had ventured too near.

"Latner." He finally replied. "My rodeo name is going to be Buck Latner."

I nodded my admiration. "Buck Latner is a mighty fine rodeo name Kid."
I exposed myself to a cute single mother who thought that the shopping carts were kept over this way.
"Yep, a mighty fine rodeo name indeed."

"Thanks Latty. Hey, what's your rodeo name going to be?"

I thought for a moment. "Alexis." I replied. "My rodeo name is going to be Alexis Lacebreeze."

The Kid did a double take. "Alexis Lacebreeze?!!! Your rodeo name is going to be Alexis Lacebreeze?!!!"

I tilted my head back and squinted into the noonday sun. Somewhere a faraway hawk screamed wild fury on the wind.
"It's the perfect rodeo name Kid."
We both paused to expose ourselves to a cute single mother.
"Come on Kid, think about how cast-iron-tough a rodeo man would have to be with a name like Alexis Lacebreeze."

Kid Relish stroked his chin in appreciation. "Damn good point Latigo--I mean Alexis. All right then, Buck Latner and Alexis Lacebreeze it is."

A cute single mother walked toward the newspaper stand and we promptly exposed ourselves to her.

"Was that eight seconds Alexis?"

"Pretty damn close Buck."

"What say we call it eight seconds Alexis?"

"Well then Buck, I reckon it was."

We each opened a fresh bottle and reveled in the sun-swept freedom known only by rodeo men and alcoholic nudists.

(And by happening to be both on that particular day, the glory was in fact doubly ours.)


At 11:09 AM, Blogger Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

It'd really brighten up my day if a couple of likely-looking cowboys exposed themselves to me at the supermarket.

Would you be looking for marks for them? I mean for artistic impression or the execution of a full triple axle or something? I'm quite generous to supermarket flashers usually. I'm like the Canada of the willy-appraising world. I have yet to see one go all the way round 3 times but if you can make it do a triple, please accept full marks, my hearty congratulations and a warm handshake. And perhaps a plaque of some sort.

"Alexis Lacebreeze" is a stroke of genius, Flinty. Can you really tame a bucking filly? (Don't say that last sentence too fast) Using only steadying thigh and gluteus muscles? Golly!

At 11:19 AM, Blogger tabitha jane said...

"Kid Relish stroked his chin in appreciation"

was this a chin with a five-o'clock shadow?

At 2:22 PM, Anonymous Strange Forces said...

Let me know if this rodeo ever makes it to DC. I may have to sit in the stands and watch.

Or hell, start training now and compete!

At 1:50 AM, Blogger Latigo Flint said...

Sam, most women who've seen it agree that I have a gentle, adorable, kitten-like penis.
Actually I didn't mean to share that. Please forget I said it.

Tabitha Jane. Is it really you after all this time? Sweetheart, Kid Relish's chin is wherever you want it to be. (And I mean that in purity, not depravity--if that's possible.)

It's a worldwide rodeo Strange Forces. No entry fee required save pride.


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