Monday, October 11, 2004

Kid Rock and Usher

Hey Kid Rock and Usher! You all should team up and do a song about me, Latigo Flint, the fastest draw in the world.

Let me get you started.

There is an hombre I know
Who makes a viper look slow
If you see him walking down the road
with his iron strapped and squinty eyes
you best run or fight but either way
you're gonna get a nasty surprise

(Okay then you break it down like all smooth urban style)
latigo latigo
whatcha know
latigo latigo
go go go
latigo latigo
whatch know
latigo latigo
go go go

Anyway 'yall get the idea. Latigo Flint isn't gonna write the whole dern thing for you - you all are the musicians, do your job.


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