Tuesday, November 23, 2004

So Much Brilliant, Insightful Allegory

Gunslingers are by nature extremely contemplative individuals. They are also very deep and brilliant. It comes from years of coolly surveying our surroundings with the squinty eye of unflinching observation.

Two girls standing in front of Latigo Flint in line at Starbucks were discussing the local dating scene and boys in general. Throughout their conversation Latigo Flint must have come up with well over a dozen incredibly insightful things to say; each allegory steeped in wisdom and charming wry humor... But it's not polite to interrupt people, and gunslingers are also by nature extremely polite.

After they took their drinks and left, Latigo Flint was watching the cute barista make his mocha chip frappuccino. She wasn't talking to anyone at the time, and a couple of the insightful interjections were simply too good to be wasted.

"Just like Linus in a hurricane."


"You know, Linus in a hurricane... Eyes wide, hair streaming back, and desperately clinging to our security blankets as the force of the gale threatens to tear it from us forever."

The cute barista set the drink on the counter and warily backed away.

Latigo Flint tried one more time:

"So now she crosses streets like she's been hit before."

The cute barista hid behind the pastry display case and sensing her distress, several burly male patrons took it upon themselves to escort Latigo Flint out the front door.

So it would seem context is a crucial component to comprehension of brilliant insight... Good God, look what Latigo Flint just typed... He's done it again, and this time you got to witness the brilliant insight happen live.

You're most welcome pard'ners. T'warnt nothing ma'am. Glad to be of assistance.


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