Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Latigo Flint, Dance Innovator

Tired of the mundane selection of dance styles at local night establishments, Latigo Flint recently invented his own - The Epileptic Butterfly.

It is very difficult to describe The Epileptic Butterfly, and it must be observed to truly comprehend its breathtaking display and nuanced visual palate -- But it is in essence a connected series of wide-armed rhythmic spasms, coupled with full body vibrations and joined with sweeping leg movements that swiftly carry the dancer from the center of the floor to the edges and back again. Every eighth downbeat is emphasized with a spread eagle jump, and "mystery beats", known only to the dancer beforehand, are punctuated with a piercing scream and multiple tuck-roll kick-lunges.

The list of clubs at that forbid Latigo Flint access to the dance floor grows longer by the day but that's all right... They also tried to censor Elvis' hips at first.


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