Tuesday, October 12, 2004

A tough question

Latigo Flint knows exactly what he'll do the next time a bunch of lowdown, varmint, college-football-player-type guys walk up to Latigo Flint and say:
"Yes or no, do you know how ridiculous you look?"

First Latigo Flint will give them all a sad smile like he feels bad for what's about to happen, then Latigo Flint will softly say:
"Yes or no, was asking me that worth the worst beating of your life?"
And before they can even whimper, Latigo Flint will clutch iron with two blazing hands and pistol whip every single one of them to the ground.

It'll be over within seconds, and as they lie there crying and bleeding, Latigo Flint will slowly wipe down his authentic replica Colt Peacemakers and replace them in their hand tooled elk hide holsters.

"Rhetorical questions gentlemen," Latigo Flint will say in a soft drawl as he strides away. "rhetorical questions don't have yes or no answers."

That's what he’ll do the next time, for sure.


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