Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Ever Maintain the Aura and Mystique

In this day and age we do not encounter tolling bells as much as we once did, but there are still a few. (A small church on Glenoaks in west Burbank sounds off at least twice a day.)

Whenever Latigo Flint hears a distant bell toll he suddenly becomes very quiet and removed, and he stares off at the horizon, (preferably it contains the setting sun) a sad, faraway look in his squinty eyes.

When his companions ask what the matter is, Latigo Flint doesn't seem to hear for several moments then with a sigh he snaps out of his pensive reflection.

"Oh, it's just something that happened long ago." Latigo Flint whispers. "It's not important now." Then Latigo Flint forces a small brave smile and changes the subject.

Everyone finds themselves sexually attracted to Latigo Flint at that moment, even guys.


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