Monday, November 01, 2004

Those Tinhorns at Knott's Berry Farm

All those phony tinhorn gunfighters at Knott's Berry Farm are probably looking for new jobs right now - that is if they're not still crying in their pillows over what Latigo Flint and Kid Relish did to them last weekend.

I don't know who at Knott's is responsible for checking the quickdraw qualifications of those silly pseudo-gunfighters they hire to roam around the Ghost Town/Calico Square area, but they sure didn't do a very good job with this batch. I mean for crying out loud, even The Kid was way faster than every single pathetic one of them, and next to Me, Kid Relish is slow.

You should have seen how mad those tinhorns got after just a little while of us following them around and drawing iron on 'em so fast they couldn't even twitch a finger. One of them came at Kid Relish with a patio chair but The Kid just ducked behind a lady holding ice cream and that tinhorn plowed right into her.

It was the best weekend Latigo Flint has had in a very long time. Me and Kid Relish will wait a few months 'till Knott's hires a new batch of those plastic costumed gunfighters and then go back and do it all over again.


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